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Last few days...
Friday. 11.24.06 4:21 pm
Eh, not written a blog since Tuesday, heh, never really been at a blog site before so I'm not sure the whole bloginess timeline. So, I've been incredibly busy since my last entry on Tuesday, and sadly enough I've been on Fall Break. I'm more busy on this time off from College than when I was going every day, it just seems all of my work is piling up around the same date and the teachers seem to conspire so all of their papers and projects hit on the same day, and such. But it's all good, spent my break getting work done for all of my classes. Wednesday I was hanging out with some friends drinking, heh, drank a lil too much --thankfully I didn't throw up-- and got incredibly drunk but it was tons of fun, was like a pre-thanksgiving celebration because, you know, thanksgiving's about family and you're not gonna go ditch your family for some ... non-family, or friends, I guess! Thanksgiving was fun, except for a bunch of stupid family drama that erupted because my dad said something smartass to my little brother (Aaron) and he overreacted and went off, then dad got mad, mom got mad because dad got mad, blah-blah-blah, just a buncha crap ya don't need on Thanksgiving, but in the end it turned out fine and we all just hung out together and ate to our life's content. Talked to Jessica until 7 am this morning and then I slept til about 3 pm because I was just so damn exhausted, haven't slept well in a while because my there's so much extra room in my bed and noone to fill it, loneliness kinda sucks but it's all good, "Such is life." is what someone said to me before and I pretty much live by that now a lot of the time. I do miss Kimberly but I know she's been pretty busy and such, meh, but I've been talking to Jessica every night for between three and five hours a night, and I'm liking her a helluva lot, only problem is she lives in Fredricksburg and I live in Norfolk, couple hours away from one another and eh, I've had problems with long-distance relationships so I'm not sure if we'll work out, well, except that she's thinking about transferring to my college and then we'd see one another all the time and it'd definately be a great relationship, I'm sure, but we're definately going to be hanging out during Christmas Break (December 15 - January 15) so it's all good. Pretty friggin busy at the moment but I just thought I'd let you guys know what's going on, heh, until later my fellow bloggers! *goes back to workin*

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Monday, 11/20/06
Tuesday. 11.21.06 3:16 pm
So I had an interesting day yesterday, I got up at 6:30 am was out the door heading to class by 7:00, heh, just another morning of getting ready and checking various e-mails in false hopes I don't have class or some other anomaly. So I make it to campus, and had been chatting with a friend on Sunday night about some worksheets he'd done that I hadn't so we decided to meet up so I could copy his work. So I showed up in the university hangout at Old Dominion University (ODU) called WEBB Center, it's where most things go down around campus, and where all of the on-campus eateries and such are, and the school's cafeteria (Just noticed cafe is in cafeteria, but is it ever actually of cafe quality?) along with drink machines, a computer lab, tons of offices that utilize different purposes and such, and one section where my group hangs out, of course about ten, maybe twelve feet away from Starbucks. So, I met up with my friend at our usual hangout at 7:30, oddly enough his name is Josh as well, and we went and grabbed some Starbucks, I got a Veinte Mocha Latte and it was so good, mm, and a friend of ours named Jeremy showed up and we bullshitted a bit while I copied Josh's work and him and I headed off to class and showed up ten minutes late, and people are leaving so we head in and drop off our work and head back to our hangout for a bit then went to Disability Services at 9 for an appointment that was cancelled without my knowledge, heh, then back to hang out and shoot the shit for a while, stayed there 'til 11:55 and headed off to my Pre-Calculus class, another boring powerpoint lecture because the teacher is too lazy to write anything out, then out of class at 12:48 (I was watchin the clock...) and back to WEBB until my University Orientation class, heh, met up with Josh about 1:56 since we have this class together and we headed off, and showed up five minutes late and were slightly scolded but then we were granted leave after being handed a handout and since I was hella early I went and hung out with some friends for a bit, me, Josh, Jeremy, and another of our friend named Mannie talked for about an hour and then me and Josh left and headed to the parking garage and then headed our separate ways, him to his home and me to mine, heh, got home about 3:35 and lo and behold, my internet was down, it NEVER goes down, grr, so I missed the Avatar Auction I designed a couple Avs for and couldn't upload the other ten I made, guess I can save them for the next auction, but the worst part was that I let my (I wish) Kimberly down, and I know she reads my blogs so honey I'm incredibly sorry about last night. So since I had no internet I just hung out and played Neverwinter Nights (single player, bleh) all night, well, until about 9:30 then I called some chick Josh is trying to hook me up with named Jessica, I don't see it happening but we talked for half an hour and she had to go for an hour and she called me back and we talked for another three hours or so, was on the phone until 3:00 am and she was tired so she went and got some sleep for class. Then I turned my T.V. on and crawled in bed and slept, until 2:00 pm today, heh, I kept waking up and I slept horribly, meh, was thinking about Kimberly all night because I put Jessica from my mind, sure me and Kimberly will never be a thing and I know I have a chance with Jessica but I just ... I dunno ... I like Kimberly, a lot, but we will never be more than friends, and that's okay because either way I will still be her Sanity, and I'm sure she'd want me to date Jessica because she's just like that, and she would want me to be happy, and being happy definately hasn't been happening much lately, meh, I miss Kimberly but she's in bed and eh, not going to call and wake her up just because I miss her. Not much more to say about my day but I would like to say I'm planning on blogging on a day-to-day basis because I usually don't have anything interesting to talk about so I will probably hop on and write about the previous day, because I'd rather get all of my thoughts in order before posting.

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New guy in Nutang..
Sunday. 11.19.06 10:46 pm
Hello all of you NuTangers!
First of all I'd like to give thanks to Zenfull and all of her sexiness for getting me into NuTang and also giving me a bit of incentive to blog my oh-so-very interesting life. I will be probably posting a lot as in the past I've learned it's definately not a good thing to "bottle" up feelings, if you will, as it can result in an emotional overload which can spiral out of control and affect not only your own person but also anything with any attachment To your person. So, getting away from negative topics I'd just like to say that I love the layout and the customization of the site and it sparks an interest in working harder in my endeavors of learning the style of CSS you guys use and making awesome layouts to accent my awesome blogs, teehee. Nothing much to say at the moment except I'm glad to be here and am hopefully going to fit in with this community and blog my heart out, or my soul I guess, not sure which out you do when you blog. Until later, my fellow bloggers!


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